Call for Scholarships Applications

The GeT Foundation will be awarding educational scholarships to support students and artists in their educational pursuits of either an undergraduate and graduate university degree. We invite all students and artists to complete an application to the Guadalupe el Torrero Foundation. We will award scholarships to graduating seniors in high school to fund their college tuition, especially their initial years of study in higher education. 
Each award seeks to give students financial support to attend college or university and attain a higher education degree. All applicants are welcome to apply here at our online application portal.
The purpose of these scholarship awards are to support education, obtaining a degree in higher education, and advancing the research and creative works of students, artists, scholars, scientists, and historians working on studies related to the arts and sciences. These awards will support students to pursue their degrees in their chosen field of interest, because their success aligns with the mission statement of our foundation.
The specific criteria for selection include proof of current enrollment status, GPA at current institutions, letters of recommendation, professional and academic references, and one-on-one interview responses with the selection committee. 
Applications are accepted and considered on a rolling basis with deadlines throughout the year. The deadline for the Spring 2021 semester is April 10, 2021. The Guadalupe el Torrero Foundation values diversity and makes no discrimination based on race, gender, age, or occupation, and we welcome all interested individuals to apply.

Scholarship Winners 2021